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Top Tips to Consider When Choosing an International Removal Company

Relocating to another country is a huge responsibility to say the least, and depending upon where you are in the world, it’s more than likely that your goods are going to be moved by either road, air, sea; or an amalgam of all three. When you hire an international removal company you are placing your trust in them to care for all your worldly possessions, albeit for a relatively short period. With this in mind it pays to make sure you choose a company that’s absolutely right for you.

Start Early

As soon as you know that you are moving overseas, then this is the time to start your search for a removal company. Like any large project it’s always advisable to get quotes. Primarily you may be given a rough estimate, but remember this estimate shouldn’t be taken as a final price. To get a true pricing quote a company will send round an assessor who’ll give you an accurate price based on the amount of your belongings and the logistics involved in the move. If you’re getting the recommended three quotes then this process alone can take time to complete.

Go with your Gut

It’s often said that your gut instinct is always right and on most occasions you’ll get an immediate feel for whether or not a removal company is the perfect fit for you. It might be that they come across as professional, friendly and most importantly confident in their abilities, this being the case then trust your instincts. Often it isn’t always about going with the cheapest quote, it’s about doing what feels right.

Are they Covered?

It’s fair to say that most of the international removal companies are covered by insurance and this means that you are covered for any damage or breakages in transit. It’s always a good idea to verify what’s covered and what isn’t. It may also be worth contacting your home contents insurance company to see if your policy covers content whilst it’s being packed.

Consider a Packing Service

Most removal companies will offer a packing service and whilst this is an additional service and therefore an extra cost, be aware that there may well be relevant clauses in the insurance policy if you have packed the items yourself. Besides, having someone else do the packing is going to take a great deal of stress away from you.

To have your relocation run as smoothly as possible it needs careful planning. A good removal company can take away much of the hassle for you. They’re the experts and as a result the right company should be able to help and advise you on any questions or concerns you might have. International Removals at Abels Moving Services can make your move a breeze.


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