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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Property near Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Beachfront property is some of the most valued property in the world. The view is to die for, the breeze is just right, the waves crashing against the beach make the feeling even better. To know that you could very well have the ability to make an investment and buy some worthwhile property on the beach is a dream come true in most cases. Are you looking to invest in a condo to settle into once you retire, a place to use when going on holidays with the family or even better, and a place to call home every single day?  If so, you may fall in love with any of the Sandpiper Cove condos for sale in Destin.  At Sandpiper Cove you can have a beach view condo as well as a boat docked in the harbor right outback.  Talk about a dream home. 

Santa Rosa Beach Overview

Santa Rosa Beach in Florida has some of the best real estate being sold on the beach. Looking for a place that is not too crowded, is clean and is surprisingly affordable, this just could be the place for you to settle down. Santa Rosa Beach condos are unique because of their height restrictions of 50 feet. This makes all Santa Rosa Beach condo either a low-rise or midrise building. What this means is fewer people, more privacy, and less noise. so if you're wanting to have a vacation home or condo in a place that is more secluded then other areas Santa Rosa Beach Florida should be on the top of your list.

Santa Rosa Beach stretches all the way from the Gulf of Mexico up to Choctawhatchee Bay. The real estate options along this massive stretch are not limited either. Take your pick between townhouses, condos, houses, or even pieces of land for future development, all of these are available on the waterfront.

Here a few reasons why you should think about buying a house in this particular area if you are looking to settle down in Santa Rosa.

It’s At The Beach!

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with the perfect view of the ocean in their line of sight? Getting a house on the waterfront would be ideal for anyone looking to escape the madness of crowded cities and looking for some more natural scenery that is therapeutic in nature. The sight of waves crashing against the sandy beaches. The cool ocean breeze sweeping over the entire beach, the idea of waking up to take a quiet walk along the beach as you watch the sunrise or an evening stroll to watch the sunset as you walk your dog is very appealing and inviting.  You can also ride your bicycle on the sandy beaches just to get some exercise done during the day. Maybe take a swim in the ocean and cool off for a minute. Living on the beach has a calming effect and is the ideal setting for anyone looking to relax after a hard day’s work. Being at any of the homes or condos in Blue Mountain Beach will check off all your needs for a vacation property at the beach.


Santa Rosa Beach boasts of having some of the cleanest waters and beaches nationally. This ensures that you and your family grow up in a clean, well taken care of the environment that also teaches the younger ones the importance of keeping the environment around them clean and safe for future generations.

More Residential And Less Large Condos

Santa Rosa is not a cluttered place. It has more residential properties along its waterfront than it does large high-rise condos. This makes the environment more serene and less susceptible to noise and crowding of people along the beach. This controlled environment ensures you keep your privacy at your premises without risking having to chase off strangers in their huge crowds when you need a little peace and quiet. Most people in Santa Rosa are usually visiting tourists and vacationers. The primary residence mostly live in North Santa Rosa Beach and Point Washington.

Natural Scenery

This vast expanse of land along the oceanfront has zones filled with different scenery such that it never gets boring living around here. If you are a nature lover and enjoy the sights and sounds of living at the waterfront, Santa Rosa Beach has to offer. Natural beauty in its simplicity makes the view even better for anyone looking to see something different other than the usual building towering high above next door or the cars zooming past in the streets below as people rush to and from their daily activities. The coastal dune lakes and beautiful sand dunes in the state parks are wonderful places to sightsee, take pictures, and explore.


The most obvious amenity at Santa Rosa is the beach itself where one could relax and just enjoy the view. Many vacationers rent homes along the beach to be able to enjoy this for a few days or weeks before heading back to the norm. There are many shops and boutiques up and down scenic Highway 30a which is the road that runs parallel to the beach from Santa Rosa Beach all the way to Rosemary Beach. There is also a wide bike path that follows the entire length of 30a. The restaurants in Santa Rosa are also in plenty and have excellent food. Looking for some seafood, take a trip to The Bay Restaurant or Stinky’s Fish Camp and enjoy some.

Prime Property

Beachfront property is highly desired and valued. It may not be easy to come by and when the opportunity does present itself, it turns out to be a worthwhile investment. Valued homes along Santa Rosa Beach are available ranging from $350,000 to over $10 million depending on the size in question. If looking for a multimillion-dollar luxury home to splurge on along the beach or just an ordinary condo to keep you housed, this is the perfect place to look. Houses along the beachfront and Gulf front are the most sought after hence can be expensive. So, if you're ready to have fun and own the property of your dreams check out everything in and around Santa Rosa Beach Florida!

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