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Top Luxury Home Features

While a luxury home may be considered an expensive housing option, most homeowners would definitely find the price worth it due to the splendid features it offers. Most luxury homes feature amenities like a wine cellar, a home gym, a home theatre, and a swimming pool. However, there are some luxury homes today that come with distinctive features that will set them apart from the rest of the luxury real estate that are available in the market today.

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) reported that luxury homes, which are valued at $ 1 million dollars or more, have spiked up to 51% during the ending months of 2012. This is because of the low tax rates implemented by the fiscal cliff budget agreement. A high-earner homeowner would pay $88,000 less in his/her taxes if he/she has made$1 million revenue from his/ her home in 2012.

Luxury features can vary depending on their design. There are a lot of features that luxury home builders can offer. Some may be just be an expensive add-on while others are definite must haves.

Here are some of the top luxury home features offered by luxury home builders in Perth:

Gourmet Kitchens

Kitchens are often considered a feature that can make or break any real estate deal since these are considered as the centre of most people’s lives. Among the most desirable luxury home features are gourmet kitchens. Regardless of whether the homeowner loves to cook or hires a personal chef, a great gourmet kitchen that comes with advanced appliances and ample workspace is definitely on top of the list of luxury home features.

Smart Control Systems

Smart control systems or home automation systems are among the top home security features of many luxury homes today. These systems are incorporated in a luxury home for the purpose of making the life of the homeowner easier while providing an added security regardless of whether the homeowner is away or at home. 

Spa Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another home feature that can be incorporated with the latest technology and advanced spa features by professional luxury home builders Perth. Luxury spa bathrooms are actually considered a common amenity many luxury real estate deals today. With this luxurious home feature, homeowners can enjoy everything offered in spa bathrooms like pampering, comfort, relaxation, and convenience. This home feature may include rich woods, towel warmers, electronic faucets, ideal lighting, mini-bar, music, video, and gaming systems, and fireplaces.

Home Theatre

Home theatres are definitely a must have when it comes to luxurious real estate. There are actually a lot of options when it comes to home theatres. Homeowners can even choose to have one design to suit their needs and preferences. Among the popular home theatre design options would include pirate themed home theatres, which are based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Titanic home theatre, which is based on the Titanic movie, and Terminator-themed home theatre. These luxury home features are typically designed for entertainment as well as for relaxation.

Wine Cellars.

Wine cellars are another popular home feature that homeowners can find in high end houses. While standard wine cellars are often considered as a tucked away space, a lot of the wine cellars designed today are actually rather spacious enough, which can accommodate large collections of wines and a cozy bar where homeowners can entertain their guests.

Outdoor Kitchen Spaces.

 Many luxury homes are already designed with spacious backyards packed with spacious outdoor kitchen spaces. This home feature is typically equipped with the latest kitchen amenities. With this feature, homeowners can enjoy the stunning view of their surroundings while entertaining their guests with good food.

Party and Entertainment Rooms.

Another luxurious home feature is the party room. A party room may come in various themes and designs. Among the most popular choice would be the disco room where you can find features like a large disco ball complete with neon lights all over the place, spacious dance floor, DJ booths, and advanced surround sound system. Some party and entertainment rooms may even come with a two lane bowling alley, a sports pub, and a spiral slide, which serves as transportation in between floors.

Indoor Pool and Jacuzzi.

Outdoor pools are already considered a common luxury home feature. However, there are a lot of luxury homes nowadays that come with indoor pools where homeowners can enjoy and relax indoors. Some luxury homes even have Jacuzzis. 

Gym and Salon Room.

There are also luxurious homes that are incorporated with spacious gyms, which are equipped with advanced gym devices. Aside from a gym, most luxurious homes also have exercise pools, steam rooms, and yoga rooms. In addition to this, there are also beauty salons designed with hair styling area as well as a manicure and pedicure station.

Sports Amenities.

There are a lot of homeowners who are into sports. With this preference, they can actually find sports amenities in various luxurious homes today. There are different kinds of sports amenities that can be found in luxury homes like basketball courts, baseball diamonds, archery fields, mini golf area, and hockey rinks. 

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