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Is It A Good Idea To Put Wood Flooring In A Bathroom?

There is something special about wood flooring. It has timeless lines, a natural feel, yet is warm and alluring. You’ll also find that wood flooring comes in a huge variety of styles and types, such as this excellent herringbone flooring.

It’s hardly surprising that you want to use it in your bathroom and complete the stunning look of your home. But, before you do, there are several things that you should know about wood floorings in the bathroom.

Choose The Right Product

If you are looking to add wood flooring to a bathroom you need to make sure you choose wood flooring that is designed for the bathroom. In this instance, it is more likely to last with the challenges of water spills and moisture.

It’s important to remember that wood likes moisture, it absorbs it, potentially causing wood rot and it is likely to swell. This will distort your bathroom floor and potentially render it useless.

Of course, if you choose the right product you won’t have this issue. It is designed for the bathroom and may need a little more maintenance. But, it will look great and feel warm underfoot. Wood flooring is much better than cold tiles in this respect.

Regular Maintenance

If you choose hardwood flooring, even that designed for bathrooms, then you can be assured it has a protective layer on top of it. This prevents water from soaking through the floor and causing damage. However, it doesn’t mean you can ignore any spills and droplets.

The best way to ensure your wooden bathroom floor lasts for years is to mop up spills and drops immediately.

In addition, you’ll need to brush the floor and reapply the top coat periodically. The manufacturer will advise the schedule and which products are best to use. These ensure the protective layer on top of the wood stays intact.

Check Your Slope

If your bathroom floor has a slight slope then any water that gets on the floor is going to move to the same place and effectively puddle. This is much more challenging to your floor as puddles increase the likelihood of water penetration and subsequent damage.

If you plan to fit wooden floors in your bathroom you need to ensure the foundation is solid and level.

Consider The Install

If your floor is glued into position then the following shouldn’t be an issue. But, if it needs to be nailed in there will be no vapour barrier. Even if there was it would be ineffective as there would be multiple holes in it.

Without a vapour barrier, any water that does penetrate your wooden floor can reach the supports underneath. Over time they can undermine the floor or even part of your building.

Of course, wooden floors look stunning which is why many people take the risk and install them. You can help to protect them with bathroom rugs and surrounds around your bath and shower. This will reduce the likelihood of water damage and extend the life of your wood flooring.

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