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How to Choose Commercial Doors

If you own a commercial property, you are probably interested in installing the best doors available. Doors play an important role in commercial energy use, as well as internal temperature control, prevention of issues like dry rot and mold, and security. Fortunately, there are lots of options available. Read on for considerations for how to choose commercial doors.

Consider Your Budget

One of the most important considerations when choosing commercial doors is budget. Some door materials cost more than others, usually because they do a better job of keeping heat and/or cold air in or out, depending on the season. Most high-quality doors are available at reasonable prices and pay for themselves over time in energy savings. Ask your commercial door service about their rates for existing door removal, replacement fees, and the cost of new doors depending on material.

Evaluate Different Materials

Some door materials are more suitable than others. A number of factors must be considered, such as the location of the door, how often it is used, and average external temperatures. Consider the following commercial door types:

  • Steel – Steel doors are a very popular choice. They are especially popular for businesses that need extra security. These durable, strong doors offer quality insulation and a longer lifespan than other types. They are among the most difficult to damage or break into and do not require a lot of maintenance.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass doors are made from fine glass fibers and plastic matrix. They are a durable choice and tend to be longer-lasting.
  • Wood – Many commercial properties are outfitted with wooden doors. Aesthetically, they are often the best choice to complement the rest of the property. Restaurant and retail shops will often opt for this choice. They are a better choice for interior doors rather than exterior as they are a bit less durable and temperature- and moisture-resistant. They are generally a less suitable choice for climates that are rainier or colder.
  • Glass – Glass doors are a great choice for commercial businesses that want to prioritize visibility. They also offer a minimalistic, modern aesthetic appeal that works well with the image of many businesses. However, they can be easily broken, so security features are important.
  • Aluminum with Glass – Aluminum doors are a popular choice for offices. They are easy to maintain and polish and work well with many modern building aesthetics.

Determine the Type of Door You Need

There are many different types of doors you might need depending on the type of commercial property you operate.

  • Overhead Doors – These doors are the most common type of commercial doors. They are popular in warehouses, auto mechanic garages, and other similar properties. These doors can be rolled upwards, making them a great choice when there isn’t a lot of extra space.
  • Fire-Rated Doors – Properties that are exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals need fire-rated doors. These doors are made from fire-resistant materials and will aid in preventing a fire from spreading throughout a building.
  • Roll-Up Doors – These doors are common in manufacturing settings. They are highly customizable and a great choice for those who want to include branding on their door. They offer low sound transmission and environmental protection.

Thing About Average Weather Conditions

If your building is located in an area that experiences extreme weather, you may want to consider certain door materials over others. Doors need to be weather-resistant and durable to withstand certain climates and prevent hot or cold air from seeping in. Your commercial door company can help you choose the right doors for the average climate in your area.

Consult a Professional

Contracting with a commercial door installation service will ensure proper installation and affordable pricing. A professional can also help you choose the best door materials and installation options based on your budget, door location, door usage, and much more. A poorly installed door can result in leaks that allow air to pass through too easily. Water and snow can also seep in through cracks, resulting in dry rot and wood rot. It is always best to work with a professional to guarantee a well-installed, long-lasting commercial door.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best commercial doors for your property is an important part of keeping energy costs down. Most commercial property owners want to save money and ensure their building’s internal conditions are safe and comfortable for staff, customers, and/or residents, and carefully selecting the right doors is critical.

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