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How Do HOA Management Companies Manage Your HOA?

A gilbert az hoa management company provides a variety of services to homeowners. These companies oversee, install, and maintain common property, such as roads and sidewalks in your neighborhood, as well as the outside of buildings. They provide services for things like landscaping, protecting property from crime or other undesirable activities, enforcing rules set by the homeowners association or by law, and resolving disputes that arise between members of the association.

Here is more of what HOA management companies provide for the proper functioning of your association.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services from qualified CPAs

HOA management companies look after the financial records and transactions of the association. This includes financial records for income and expenses, accounting statements, insurance statements, and other things related to the management or operation of HOA. CPAs who are qualified to serve as bookkeepers are tasked with overseeing these accounts and providing relevant financial information to members.

  • CC&R enforcement

CC&Rs are the covenants, conditions, and restrictions that govern how property is used within an association. HOA management companies ensure that these rules are implemented and adhered to by homeowners. This includes enforcement of rules for things like collecting assessments, dealing with nuisance, enforcing building codes, using common areas, and ensuring that units within an association maintain the minimum standards set by the CC&Rs.

  • Easy pay technology platforms for collecting membership dues

Automated payment systems are a convenient and efficient way for homeowners to pay their dues. These platforms allow you to set up automatic recurring payments for dues and other fees on the day of the month you choose. This makes it easier for members to remember their dues and make payments on time.

  • Board training

HOA management companies provide board members with maintenance training, which helps them to understand the roles they have and their responsibilities. As such, a great number of HOA management companies also provide ongoing training to ensure that they know how to fulfill the tasks they are assigned.

  • Amenity maintenance

HOA management companies assist with ensuring that common areas around your home are maintained, as well as landscaping and exterior maintenance on the homes and properties within the community. This includes anything from attending to the lawns of residents to collecting trash or litter from common areas.

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