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Five Easy Tasks To Complete Before Showing A Home

When you are ready to show a home for sale, you need to make sure you have gone through a few different steps to get ready. Every home that is on the market is a little bit different, but you can apply these tips to any home that is on your list. If you are trying to sell a home for the highest price possible, you will find that you get better results when you impress your guests.

1. Pest Control Is Important But Overlooked

You can contact Turner Pest Control exterminators for help with pest control issues around the house. You can spray for termites and have an inspection done. You could have a spray done for ants or cockroaches so that you do not have any stray bugs when you are showing the house to potential customers. You should also ask the pest control technician if you have any issues with mice or rodents that you need to deal with.

2. Furnishings

If the house is furnished, you need to be sure that the furnishings look perfect. This can be hard for a family to manage if they have children, but you want the house to look as welcoming as possible. You can organize your furniture in a new way if you want, or you could bring in new linens.

3. Air Fresheners

You should have air fresheners in the house that will make the space smell nice. One of the best scents on the market is the aroma of fresh laundry. You simply need to make sure that you have set up something that will offer a pleasing aroma to anyone who is walking around. This may be especially important if your homeowner has pets or children.

4. Prepare A Presentation

You must prepare a presentation that includes all the details of the house. You cannot hide anything because it will all come out in the home inspection. It is best for you to share all the information that you have on the house so that the buyers know what they are getting into. The buyers can make competitive offers if they have more information about the house.

You should take the buyers to every room in the house as you explain why each room is a lovely space. You can give suggestions on how to furnish the room if it is not furnished, or you could show the buyers how you have been creative in using each room.

5. Landscaping

The landscaping has to look good if you want to impress any of your guests. The people who come through the house will not want to come in if the landscaping looks bad, and they may be turned off if the landscaping looks like it might be hard to maintain. Talk to the buyers about how they can organize the lawn in the way they might enjoy, or you could bring furnishings for the lawn that will make it look more inviting.


There are a number of people who may want to buy the house you have put on the market, but they cannot make a competitive offer if they have not seen it. Use the tips above to ensure that the house is ready for a tour. You can plan ahead of each visit, and you can create a lovely presentation for each buyer.

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