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Eight Ways to Make Your Rental Accommodation Stand Out

In our current day and age, there are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to finding accommodation. So, how can you ensure that your rental property is the one that stands out from the crowd?

Thankfully there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can adopt in order to take your investment to the next level. Not sure how? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know!

Take Professional Pictures

First impressions are everything and you need to entice the viewer to click on your property. The best way to do so is by taking professional pictures with plenty of natural lighting.

Provide a Descriptive Listings

Make sure your future tenant isn’t in for an unexpected surprise. Create a detailed and descriptive caption for your listing. This will also help bring in the viewer as they imagine your property.

Add an Extra Room

An extra room is always an added advantage, however, it’s important to ensure you have enough space. If there’s not enough room for a bed and some furniture, it’s not an extra bedroom, it’s a closet.

Keep on Top of Basic Repairs

You don’t want to leave a leak in your faucet unattended for a week, only to find out that the issue has escalated into something much worse. That’s why you need to keep on top of basic repairs at all times. 

Hire a Property Manager

If you want to make sure that your property is well-looked after and constantly booked, the best way to do so is by hiring a property manager. We recommend these property managers in Etobicoke.

Personalise Their Experience

If you know you are going to be welcoming a couple who are celebrating their anniversary, why not go all out and personalise their experience? A bottle of bubbly and some flowers is enough to leave a long-lasting impression on any tenant. Plus, it encourages fantastic online reviews and personal recommendations via word of mouth. 

Keep Decorations Neutral

If you’re renting out a space with furniture, it’s important to keep the decor and aesthetic as neutral as possible. This will provide the tenant with a blank canvas so they can add their own spin to things. You can paint wicker bedroom furniture by yourself or make a DIY queen bed frame

Make it Pet-Friendly

Unless owners are irresponsible, pets don’t tend to damage the property. If you make your rental pet-friendly, you open up the door to make more candidates. Just make sure they are well-trained before they move in.

At the end of the day, the best rental properties are those that leave their guests feeling satisfied with the experience. Without a string of positive reviews, it could be difficult to get the kind of traction you’re expecting.

Make sure to ask your guest to leave a few comments about their stay. You can also ask for feedback and make improvements based on the reviews. This will ensure you’re covering all bases and making your rental property the best that it can be.

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