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6 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Home

The self-build market has grown significantly in recent years. If you have the money to spend, then it’s an excellent choice if you are planning a move in the near future. Here are six of the best reasons you should consider self-building a home.

It saves you money

Self-building a home saves you a lot of money - if you can do it right. Not only that, of course, but you will also get a lot more return on your investment. There is a premium attached to homes that are already built, and you can expect to save around 25% of the cost of a similar property in your area.

Builder’s discounts

Not only that, but you can ask for builder’s discounts when you buy your materials. Lumberyards will often give tradespeople a discount, as they are their best customers. There are no guarantees, of course - but there i no harm in asking!

More money for products and features

When you buy a home that already exists, you will often have to make do with the features and products that are there already. Money can be tight, too - the expense of buying a home is phenomenal and can stretch your budget to its limit. However, if you build your own home, you can use the savings to buy all the products you want right from the off. In essence, your new self-build home will be perfect right from the when you move in.

It’s a wise investment

In terms of investing, building a home yourself is far more cost-effective than getting a mortgage. Home loans cost you a lot of money over the years in interest, and in most cases, they are inescapable. You might sell a home and move to a more expensive one, but you will still be paying a mortgage. So, the dream for everyone is to get out of the mortgage loop - and the self-build method gives you that opportunity.

The personal touch

You have control over the entire process when it comes to self-building. You get to choose the size and shape of the house, and who to work with, too. Architectural 3d rendering services will help you design your home to your personal tastes.  You can also choose the best materials for the job, which can assist the environment, too. There is no choice when it comes to greener materials when buying an existing home. But, building it yourself, you can create the greenest home in existence if you want.

Everything is new

Finally, think about all the decor changes you have to make when you move into a new home. They soon stack up - even painting can set you back several thousand dollars if you live in a big space. Building your own home removes all these hidden costs and gives you a much tighter control over your budget.

Tempted? Or perhaps you have some tips you would like to share with us? Let us know your thoughts and experiences of self-building property in the comments section!

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