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5 Tips for Researching a Home’s History Before You Buy

When you purchase a home – whether it is your first home or your fifth home – it is critical to do some research about the home’s history first. The home’s history can tell you a lot of things – including whether owning it is a good idea or or not. Some homes might seem sound on the outside, and even on the inside, but as you dig a little deeper, you may find a lot of telling information that could make you think otherwise. For instance, what if there is a creek nearby? – It seems harmless now, but what happens when there is a rainstorm? Could the creek overflow and cause flood damage? Here are five tips for research a home’s history before you buy.

  1. Ask the neighbors. This is the simplest way to learn about a home – the previous occupants, what the house look like in the past, how the neighborhood is developing. Chances are that you can find a few long time residents around the home you want to buy that can tell you some amazing stories.
  2. Visit the local historical or real estate society. If you are thinking of purchasing a home may be older than fifty years, that there is a goo chance of there being a historical record of it. You could find out some amazing details that you never knew before, like prominent previous owners, how certain rooms were utilized and even what additions were made to the home. All of these details are important when you are deciding whether to purchase a home or not.
  3. Head to the local courthouse. Most courthouses will have a number of legal documents and deeds pertaining to the property you want to purchase. If documents are scarce, you may want to look up the lot number, because over the years, geographic locations may have changed. If you dig a little deeper, there is a good chance that you will find some worthwhile information. Looking up this information is important to learn about previous owners and deed holders. You can also get a better idea of what the home may be worth.
  4. Look online. Researching a home online can be a great way to learn about a home’s history including the year it was built and what realtors estimate the home may be worth. You can even visit HighPricePaid to see if the asking price of the home you are interested in is to high. Also, looking up a home home online will allow you to see the property from a bird’s eye view, which can allow you to get a better glance of the surrounding area.
  5. Pay attention to the interior of the home. If you head to the basement of the home and look closely at the walls, you can actually learn a lot. If you notice evidence of past water damage, this could be a sign that the home has had a hard time repelling moisture. You may also notice cracks and other damages. Hopefully, though, you won’t notice anything at all.

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