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5 Security Upgrades That Can Increase a Home’s Value

Having a safe and secure home is everything in today’s uncertain times. With the economy the way it is, break-ins are at an all time high. However, not only is having an excellent security system invaluable when it comes to keeping you safe in the present time – having a safe and secure home will also increase the value of your home in the future. Moreover, having a security system doesn’t mean simply having your windows and doors wired for a break-in. There are a number of other security features you can implement to prevent forced entries. When it comes time to sell your home, potential homebuyers will want to know what some of these features are. Here are five security upgrades that can increase a home’s value.

  1. Install dead bolts on all doors of the home. Dead bolts are one of the easiest security upgrades you can add to your home to increase it’s value. The higher the quality, the more durable and safe the dead bolts will be in preventing break-ins. Dead bolts are also incredibly inexpensive to purchase and install. Most of the time, you won’t be spending more than $30 on a high-end dead bolt system – per door in your home.
  2. Window bars on ground level windows. The traditional window bars that you are probably thinking of are not that aesthetically pleasing, but today’s window bars are much nicer than they use to be. They also won’t make you feel like you are in prison. Many of them come in a number of materials and colors. However, if you live in an area that is susceptible to break-ins, you might want to install window bars on only the first floor windows. As long as there aren’t any easily climbable trees within arm’s reach, you can get away with leaving them off upper-story windows.
  3. Motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights have an incredibly high success rate when it comes to preventing break-ins. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with loud sounds or alarms. Also, motion sensor lights are relatively easy and affordable to install. You want to add a motion sensor light to your front entry way and your back entryway – if you have one. You might also want to add one to your garage or side entryway as well. The more you can prevent burglars from entering your home, the safer it will be.
  4. Siren alarm system. There are many traditional home security alarm systems you can install in your home. Many of the alarm systems let off a loud siren or shrill sound to deter thieves. Many of these systems are connected to a central call and response center that sends officers out any time there is a break-in. For instance, ADT in Austin Texas has been incredibly successful in preventing and reducing break-ins – they also have one of the fastest response times in the security industry.
  5. Install locks on your sliding glass doors. Many sliding glass doors, and even French doors, are very easy for burglars to bypass. This is why installing locks – that require an indoor key – can really make your home safe and secure. It can also increase the value of your home – because there is nothing like the feeling of true security.

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