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5 Essential Home Repairs Before You Sell

Before putting your home on the market, it is essential to make sure that you maximize the house’s appeal to potential buyers. Real estate markets everywhere are highly competitive, and buyers will not be willing to meet your asking price if the house is in poor shape. Simple aesthetic clean-ups are not enough. Remember these important home repairs before you sell, and give yourself the best chance of fetching a great price for your home.

  1. Bathroom Utility Repairs
    Few home utilities are more important to prospective buyers than the bathroom; it’s the one room in the house that everybody needs to use on a daily basis, and it needs to be in pristine condition before a sale. Give your bathroom an overhaul by repairing the necessities. Make sure that all plumbing fixtures work efficiently and look attractive. Consider upgrading an old vanity to give the bathroom a modern look that will last. Replace worn tiles and crumbling grout. Fixing up your bathroom is essential to making a good sale.
  2. Kitchen Appliance Upgrades
    In many households all over the world, the kitchen is the center axis around which the home revolves. The kitchen is where we cook meals and store food–an important room for any home owner. Give your kitchen a makeover by upgrading your appliances to modern fixtures. This will help increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as ensure buyers that they’re moving into a kitchen that will last. Look for Energy Star appliances and stainless steel fixtures that will match any color scheme and last for years to come.
  3. Standard Roofing Maintenance
    At its most basic level, a home is a shelter from the elements. The quality of any shelter is largely defined by its roof, so make sure that your roof is in good condition before putting your house on the market. Run a basic maintenance check to find any weak spots or potential leaks in your home’s roof. Inspect the flashing along your roof’s borders, and spend time clearing out the gutters. Repair or replace anything that needs significant work so that you can show off your home confidently.
  4. Heating and Air Conditioning Service
    Be sure to have your heating and air conditioning systems serviced as you prepare your home for a sale. Indoor climate control is important in even the most comfortable climates. Have your heating and air conditioning inspected for potential flaws and necessary repairs, and consider upgrading to newer, more energy efficient systems. Entice buyers with high quality home ventilation that will keep them comfortable in any season.
  5. Home Exterior Improvements
    First impressions are always important. Give every prospective buyer a great first look at your house by revamping the home’s exterior. Make any necessary repairs to wall sidings, fences, windows and porches. Spruce up your home’s appearance with fresh paint on the outside to impress every shopper before they even walk through the door. Improving curb appeal doesn’t necessarily increase the value of your home the way other repairs do, but it will help you reach your asking price by giving prospective buyers the assurance that they’re moving into a good home.
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