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5 Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service When You Move

Researchers have done studies that show that moving is one of the most stressful things you can put yourself through. Not only do you have the stress of finding a brand new house or apartment, but you also have the stress of making sure everything is packed up and ready to go. Once you do have a new place, you have to move all of your belongings and you also have to legally change your address. By the end of it, you will wish you never moved in the first place. However, when you do move, hiring a cleaning service to make sure everything is spic and span is critical. Here are five benefits of hiring a cleaning service when you move.

  1. Increase the chances of getting your deposit back. Landlords are always finding an excuse to hold on to deposits – it’s basically like free money, especially if they don’t plan on using it for any repairs. By cleaning, however, you can reduce the chances of a landlord holding on to your deposit – either all of it or deducting a percentage for a cleaning service. However, by hiring the service yourself, you can get all of your deposit back.
  2. Peace of mind. There is nothing like the peace of mind of leaving your hold abode knowing that you aren’t leaving any messes behind. It can can be a big weight on your shoulders to leave an old house or apartment with a big mess. This will not only weigh on your conscience, but it will also reflect poorly on you. If you are living in the UK, you might want to search for end of tenancy cleaning in London. They will not only make it clean, but almost like you never lived there in the first place.
  3. Get a good reference. Finding a new house or apartment to rent can be difficult, especially if you have poor credit and no references. However, if you leave behind your old place in perfect condition, the greater the chances of your old landlord giving the new landlord a really great reference. This can make finding a new house much easier and it will take the worry off your mind as to whether you old landlord will put in a good word about you.
  4. It allows you to spend the time moving and not cleaning. Again, moving can be incredibly stressful, but if you have a cleaner come in and do a big, deep clean – you can focus on the moving. One of the biggest stresses of moving is cleaning your old place, which can be quite a challenge if you are actually moving. However, if cleaning means the difference between getting your deposit back or not, hiring a cleaning service is your best bet and a smart investment.
  5. It is more cost effective. Hiring a cleaning service is actually more cost effective than doing it yourself, because the cleaning service brings in their own tools and supplies. For instance, an end of tenancy cleaning team might bring in a large, industrial carpet cleaner and other high-end tools to do the job. If you were to spend money on these tools, you’d be looking to spend thousands of dollars. So, if you do a cost benefit analysis, it is very easy to see which is more economically feasible.

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