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3 Steps to Selling Your Home

Would you sell your car without cleaning it first? Of course you wouldn’t, you are also likely to tidy the interior and turn the engine over to make it as appealing as you possibly can. The same applies for your home, by doing a few simple jobs before the first visit, you can help ensure a quick sale at a good price.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the first impression for many buyers is shaped by your front door. Think back to the last time you sold a car, did you notice the buyer opening and closing the door to judge build quality? How well the door fits has no bearing on the rest of the car’s condition, but we all find ourselves doing this. We are just as likely to have similar bouts of silliness when buying a house, so a new front door is a wise investment.

You want to be wow your viewers, but be careful not to overdo it in the entrance hall. Keep it relatively minimal and make the most of your space. Paint it a neutral colour and remove any large, overbearing furniture such as dressers or bookshelves. You want it to appear roomy and welcoming, inviting them in without being too assertive.


The buyer has to imagine themselves living in your home, which they cannot do if it is overly personalised. Removing all the personal items will create a blank canvas which they can add too in their heads. You will be surprised at how well this pushes out the space in your home, making it appear bigger, what has value to you, is just clutter to others.

After doing this, many buyers forget to remove one of the most personal and divisive items in their home, their pet. Pets are a love or hate item which will divide your buyers into two categories, and both of these will affect the sale. Pet lovers will spend more time playing with it than they do looking at your home, while haters, especially those that are afraid or allergic will be struggling to relax and feel at home.

Find someone to look after your loved one while you are having visitors, and do not forget to remove water bowls, cages and litter trays.


There should be no confusion as to the function of every room. While depersonalising, make sure that every room looks like the room it is supposed to be. Having office or gym equipment in the master bedroom will also make it difficult for the buyer to feel at home.

If you want to display a room as an office or gym, keep them simple and decluttered, with the desk or gym machine acting as a centrepiece.

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