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  • Commercial Properties That Save The Earth

    When you’re building a commercial property, you obviously need to ensure it will serve its function for the kind of businesses that would buy it. However, there’s another important factor to think about too. Being green is now more important than ever for modern business owners. A lot of the most sought-after commercial properties come ready to function in an energy-efficient way. Here are some possible improvements for an eco-friendly... [Continue Reading]

    What It Really Takes To Get A House Ready To Sell

    Buying into a home for investment purposes is a big deal. So is selling the home you live in. Whatever reason you’ve got a home you want to sell, you want to do it right. So you need to understand what’s actually going to add value to it. Or, horror of horrors, take that value away. There are a lot of guides that can give you very specific advice. However, we’re going to boil it down into some very simple points. Below are the four... [Continue Reading]

    How to Enjoy the Best Possible Commercial Premises

    When it comes to running a business, it’s easy to get bogged down in things like figures and profit margins. And these things are important, of course they are. But, there are other elements to business that are also hugely important that you will need to take the time to sort out. Think about what you need to do to help the company grow. You need to try to bring customers through the door and generate sales for the business. You also need to... [Continue Reading]

    A property to match your SME: a how-to guide

    Finding a property that’s perfect for your retail business is one of the greatest balancing acts you’ll have to face, especially if you’re an SME. Finances won’t match up with aspirations, locations won’t be as great as you first thought, and the nooks and crannies in a seemingly perfect shop floor will reveal a variety of, shall we say, quirks that you hadn’t initially noticed. Choosing the right property is a... [Continue Reading]

    3 Advantages To Buying Real Estate Abroad

    Image by Flickr If waking up to white sands and the sounds of crashing waves sounds appealing, buying property abroad could be for you. It’s a chance to branch out from the confines of your hometown and open your eyes to a world of potential. A house, apartment or bungalow overseas can encourage you to do more traveling by giving you a permanent base to start from. It’s an opportunity that many people wish they could utilize, but are not... [Continue Reading]

    Mistakes Homeowners Make When Adding Value To Their Property

    Homeowners are always trying to add value to their properties. And, why not? There is a chance that they will get an offer that is too good to refuse because of the added features. But, there is a myth among homeowners that any feature will add value. That isn’t true, and it is something that all property owners need to understand before they continue. There are risks and mistakes to make, and it is important to avoid them to get a return on... [Continue Reading]

    Interesting Real Estate Alternatives You Should Know About

    If you’re the kind of person that likes to think outside the box, maybe your home should reflect that. There are so many alternative and marginal housing options out there that most people don’t even consider. But you should, so here are five of them. Shipping Container Homes The great thing about making your new home out of a shipping container is that they come fully formed. And that’s not something you can say about most new... [Continue Reading]

    Lessons For A Pain-Free Closing On Your Home

    So you've finally found somewhere new to live. All that's left is to do is close the sale. But there's a lot of things that can go wrong at this late stage. And the ramifications can be dire. So what lessons can we learn from those who learnt the hard way? Check All Documentation Sellers often find themselves in a lot of trouble because they didn't take the time to check their documentation. Perhaps they were in a rush and didn't... [Continue Reading]

    Planning Out a Log Home Build Made Easy

    For many people, building their own home is a dream. So, why not make it a reality. More and more people are turning to log homes as a way to live naturally and sustainably in a more authentic way. Read on to find out what you should do when planning the build. Image Source Draw Up Plans with an Architect Building a home might be a big construction job, but it all starts with ideas, pencils and some paper. For many people, the planning process is... [Continue Reading]

    Real Estate News
  • BC real estate firms join premier on trade mission to Asia
    Two Vancouver real estate companies are travelling with B.C. Premier Christy Clark on a trade mission to Asia, a move critics say provides “bad optics” amid Vancouver's red-hot housing market. Clark has been in Asia since May 24, as part of a trip ...

    Winona's real-estate market looks strong in spring 2016, with experts calling it a sellers' market.
    Karen Becker with SEMAR said the numbers mirror an overall national trend, as well as the state of the southeast Minnesota as a whole, which make them particularly positive in landlocked Winona. Winona has maintained a better rate of closing sales, up ...

    Real estate team helps homebuyers invest wisely
    However, as a young Realtor, I saw so many families hurt during this nationwide disaster that I became passionate about developing a strategic approach to real estate so my clients would have a more positive outcome and less stress when buying or ...

    Carr: Liz Warren knows biz of sweetheart real estate deal
    “Buy low, sell high” is the real estate philosophy of both Donald Trump and the fake Indian — but never confuse the nature of their investments. The difference is fundamental: Trump is a greedy evil Republican, and Elizabeth Warren is a warmhearted ...

    How to avoid real estate cyber scams
    Phishing, hacking, wire fraud – these are all ways people attempt to steal from others online. As real estate searches and transactions move more and more online, the chances of being caught up in a cyber scam have become even greater. By now most ...

    Real Estate Transactions for Sunday, May 29, 2016
    True Homes LLC sold 435 Verbena Ave., White Gables to Nicholas R. and Jennifer A. Shippy for $208,000. Libba Grace Real Estate LLC sold 103 Caralana Circle, Ashborough to Robert M. and Kimberly L. Rhoton for $242,000. Abbott Property Investments ...

    Realities of Real Estate: Macro trends affecting real estate
    The health of the housing market can vary substantially across different parts of the county. In fact, real estate sales can fluctuate widely from one city to the next. Like politics, all real estate is local, and even though they might be blowing the ...

    Jarck and Smythe join luxury real estate firm in Charleston; national realty adds former church worker
    Two associates who live east of the Cooper placed their licenses with a downtown agency specializing in high-end homes. The agents, George Jarck and Kalyn Smythe, signed on with William Means Real Estate. According to the company, Jarck carries more ...

    Top commercial and residential real estate deals — May 29
    Comment: “1816 Properties is excited to continue operating Dinnerbell Square as a prime commercial real estate property where a wide variety of businesses can thrive in the borough of Saxonburg, which has a rich history and growing economic and tourism ...

    4 Real Estate Trends to Know Before You Sell Your Denver Home
    To help you become better informed about current area housing trends, we turned to some of Denver's top real estate agents according to OpenHouse Realty, an agent referral company and a U.S. News partner. Here are some ways they say you can prevent ...

    Alabama's Week In Real Estate (WiRE ending 5/28)
    WiRE is the acronym "Week in Real Estate" and is digitally published every Saturday morning on The WiRE is categorized geographically and is designed to help real estate professionals, affiliates and consumers follow all the major news stories ...