Real Estate Guide Real Estate Guide Copyright by en Sun, 25 Feb 2018 06:54:33 -0500 How to Rebuild Your Home After a Hurricane While our President does not believe climate change is real, there is little doubt that last year’s hurricane season was of the most destructive on record. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey lashed the mainland U.S., while territories such as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are still recovering from these earlier storms as well as the damage from Maria.

Given this increased activity and the ever-increasing costs of home ownership, it should not come as a surprise that the combined losses from these storms will reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars.

This brings us to the most important fact for those who have had their lives impacted by last year’s hurricanes – rebuilding. As such, this article will go over the ins and outs of how to rebuild your home after a hurricane including everything from property damage assessments to making sure you have the money you need to rebuild.

The Day After

Hurricanes can be trying times. In the days leading up to landfall, the local weather is full of warning and prognostications and then comes the storm itself which feels like the hand of God touching the earth. This often means that we need to hunker down in shelters or even get out of the storm’s path altogether.

However, this does not help us to prepare for the day after. This is when you finally return to your home to see what God hath wrought – just ask Puerto Rico. In some cases, it is just some downed trees and a few days without power.

But for those less fortunate, it could mean tens or even hundreds of thousands in damage from winds, rain, and flooding. In fact, it is the flooding which often worse than the winds and for this reason, many coastal homes are not being forced to raise their foundations by six-feet or more.

Now, it is too late to wait until the day after to check the terms of your insurance policy; however, this is what most people do. Instead, you should try to be proactive by making sure all your insurance information is in a safe place and even check your homeowner’s policy before the storm hits to make sure you know what is covered and what isn’t.

In addition, you will want to have key information, such as your policy number, claims forms, and contact phone numbers handy. This will help you when beginning the claims process as you will probably need to schedule multiple visits with your claims adjuster.

Besides relying on the insurance company, you might want to consider getting a third-party assessment and retaining an advocate to assist you in what is sure to be a long process with your insurance company.

What Comes Next

Now that you have returned home and have made some initial outreach to your insurance company, you want to start the process of seeing what can be recovered. This includes salvaging any item and even making short-term repairs if they can help to protect the integrity of your home.

The reason for this is simple. Even though the storm has passed, you need to protect what is left of your home from other weather events (such as hail), animals, and even robbery.   As such, it is important that you get to your home, protect what you can, and then start to make what repairs you can before waiting for the insurance company.

Sure, you have insurance and they will need to pay for most of the repairs but if you wait until the claims check is ready to begin, then your losses might end up being even more. Just remember to keep all your receipts as you will need to add these expenses to your claims report.

In addition to making small repairs, you will also want to take pictures of everything. While you don’t need to have a full inventory of everything you own, taking pictures of the big things will help you in your process of getting a fair settlement from your insurance company.

Keep in mind that one picture might not be enough. As such, use your digital camera for what is it is worth and take pictures of everything you own from multiple angles. This will help you and the insurance company to negotiate the condition of the things you own and to determine the replacement value.

Finding a Contractor

In the days after a major storm, it can be close to impossible to find a reputable contractor who is has the time to help you rebuild. As such, you want to keep a short list of potential contractors you can reach out to. Have these people on speed dial as they are sure to be in demand and they might even need to repair their own homes. As such, you want to be one of the first people calling them, or you will be at the end of a very long line.

In addition, to finding your contractor, make sure they have experience working with your insurance company as this will help in terms of scheduling work, and importantly, payment.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Rebuilding a home is not cheap and even if you have the best insurance, you will still have out-of-pocket expenses. As such, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. This could be money from the federal government or the state government and could even include looking at what you can salvage from your home, or those nearby, to help reduce the cost of rebuilding.

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6 Reasons to Sell your Mortgage Note If you have a mortgage note, then that means, as an independent seller, you financed the property to the buyer by yourself, meaning that the mortgage is being paid directly to you. This means that you’re collecting and keeping track of payments, because you’re basically the bank in this case. You’re giving your property in exchange for periodical compensation, rather than receiving all it is worth up front. Thanks to the interest rates, you’ll end up with more in the end, but it’s still time consuming. If you no longer want to be entrusted with the duty of acting as the bank, or would like money faster, then you can look to American Equity Funding to buy that mortgage note. There are a lot of reasons people will sell that mortgage note, and you may not realize that you’re in those situations that would call for it.

Putting the Money into Other Property Projects

One thing you can do, is get that lump sum from a buy-out of your mortgage note, and put it into a new home. Then you’re still in the market and have a new project to work on. You could also use this money for improving a property you already have. Or multiple properties, if you want to spread that money as far as you can. You can look to these simple improvements to help with finding those.

Investing in Other Places

One thing to know about investing is that the more money you’re putting in, then the more money you’ll be gaining if you’re doing it right. But also, the more money you have to spread around and diversify that portfolio with, the better rate of success you’ll have. The huge lump sum you could get from selling your mortgage note could prove to make you more money than you would think with some smart investing.

Increasing the Amount, you Have Saved

Having a lot of savings is always good, because you never know what could happen. If you have all that money in a savings account, then you’re prepared. You also may have a savings goal to get to so that you can buy a new property or just something huge that you’ve been wanting, and selling your mortgage note might get you more money than you would think, which could also be enough to get you to that goal.


Going off that, you could already be in that emergency. You may think that you won’t be getting enough to offset those medical bills or huge debts you have that seemed to pop out of nowhere, but selling your mortgage note could be the answer you need. With American Equity Funding, they can give you a free quote which means you can start figuring the numbers and find out if this option will be the one that will dig you out of the hole.

Getting Rid of the Responsibility of Managing your Mortgage Note

Playing banker isn’t always easy. You’ve got to make sure that your buyer is on time and able to pay up to the financing agreed upon. It’s hard work and sometimes you need to be rough with it. A lot of people find out once they’re in that they’re in over their head with trying to keep up on all the management, which is okay. You can get rid of the note and just run with the money. If it’s more on the situational side though, you can sell the note for a period. You can sell off 36 or 48 months, meaning that the buyer of the note will be collecting for those months, and you’ll walk away with a lump sum that’s fair according the period. After that period, you’ll start collecting from the mortgage again. Meaning that you don’t have to give it up forever.

Getting into a Safer Investment

You may also be worried about how well this will pay off. Maybe the people you have sold to aren’t going to be on time or just flat out won’t be able to keep up at all. Selling off the mortgage means you can move that money to a better investment such as buying another property and getting a better mortgage note with new buyers. Being an individual and having to foreclose by yourself is very hard and will put you in some financial dead ends, but it’s easier for those who have the financial sense to clean up those situations and deal with the hits.

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Moving During the Winter? Keep These Tips in Mind Are you planning on moving during the winter? There are seasonal challenges specific to the winter season that you need to be aware of and plan for in order to prevent a disaster. If you’re moving during the winter, keep these tips in mind. They’ll make the move more comfortable, safer and less of a hassle for everyone.

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Confirm Details with Movers

Summer tends to be the busy season for movers, while winter is their slow season. However, you want to follow up with them to make sure your driver didn’t take a vacation when you’re planning on them showing up. Likewise, you want to confirm pricing since you may have received a season discount that wasn’t properly applied or were given last year’s price quote when prices went up on the first of January. And you don’t want someone to accidentally send a truck too small for the job because they misunderstood the job.

Check the Utilities

You must, absolutely must, check all appliances when moving in winter. It isn’t safe to move into a house only to discover the power or gas won’t be turned on for another day or two. That’s aside from the risk of the pipes bursting when they freeze. If possible, turn on the utilities – especially the heat – two days before you move in.

Turn Up the Thermostat

When you’re moving into a new home, you want to turn up the thermostat to keep the home comfortable though the doors may be wide open. This is critical to do as soon as possible when you weren’t able to turn on the heat in advance.

You’ll especially want to heat your bathroom so that it is comfortable when people decide to take a hot shower after a long day of moving boxes through snow covered yards and loading it in a freezing garage. A space heater can make that area tolerable even while the rest of the house is freezing.

Know When There Won’t Be Snow

It’s winter. It may snow when you’re planning on moving. It may have snowed last week and remained piled up. The only thing you know is that four feet of snow on the ground makes it hard to move furniture into the house or even pull into the driveway. One solution is to know the snow removal plans for the area you’re moving into. Then you can arrive with your truck on newly plowed streets, knowing whether or not the street and sidewalks are clear. If you need to arrive when there won’t be snow removal for sidewalks and driveways, you’ll know to hire someone in advance of your arrival to do it for you. And know the snow removal schedule so you don’t get dented – literally or financially – when leaving your car or moving van in the street on the wrong day.

If you want the process to go as smoothly as possible, make sure you follow the tips in this article. Moving in the winter can seem like a challenge, but can be done when you have a solid plan in place.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curbside Appeal in One Afternoon Thinking of showing your house? Or maybe letting out a couple of rooms on Airbnb? Don't have much time on your hands but want to do something that will get people interested in seeing more?

First impressions not only are powerful when meeting new people for the first time. They also contribute to how quickly we feel attached to objects, settings, and even houses. So the time and effort you put toward sprucing up the outside of your house is time not wasted.

Here are 6 ways you can create the wow factor at first glance. And the best thing about it, these activities can be done in the space of one afternoon.

  1. Keep that green sheen.

No matter how much we tell ourselves otherwise, a green lawn that is well-manicured is an eye catcher. The others? The lawns that let thatch build up or that have overgrown and browning grass? Or patchy turf? Those are the lawns that stand out as the eyesore on the street. Showing your house off is particularly difficult when all the other houses on your street have lawns that are well-kept. Don't stand out for the wrong reasons. Keep that green sheen by aeration and regular lawn maintenance.

  1. Paint your door.

Did you know that certain paint colors can increase the purchase value of your house? Buyers can be both attracted as well as repulsed by the color of your door. So what color has the best success rate? Doors that have been known to attract buyers are cheerful and sunny yellows. Striking and dramatic blacks. And vibrant reds. In fact, more than cleaning floors or scrubbing out kitchens, research has shown that the thing people look at most when seeing a house? 75 percent focus on eye-catching features. With a door that features a vibrant color, you will make the right impression from the get-go.

Painting your door can be done by you in an afternoon of work. No need to shell out money to get this done!

  1. Plant a tree.

When people think of their dream house, they often picture a tree somewhere in the background of their home. Subconsciously, trees, particularly large ones, invite the idea of establishing roots in one place. Other images that come to mind when a tree is visible on your property is the idea of flourishing as a family. On a practical level, the home will enjoy shade in the summer, helping to conserve energy and bringing welcome coolness during hot July days. Wondering what type of tree to plant? Number one on many people's list is the Sun Valley Maple.

  1. Pick out a wreath.

If a tree feels like too much of a commitment, the next best thing to add to the front of your house is a wreath on your door. Not only constrained to the holidays, you can find an appropriate wreath that perfectly suits the season. Summer wreaths with pops of yellow, spring wreaths with hints of blue, and fall wreaths with reds and oranges. A wreath on a front door is a beautiful way to celebrate each season that will charm and delight from the first glance.

  1. Add a bench or a rocking chair.

If your house has a porch, you are in luck. A bench or a rocking chair, or some other outdoor seating set is the perfect way to showcase the delights of sitting on the front porch in the evenings. Little touches like these provide ideas to those you are showing your house to. It allows them to picture themselves in those meditative spots. And this is a quick way to spruce up your porch. All it takes is running down to the Home Depot and choosing a set that makes you wish for more evenings out on the porch.

Keep in mind, outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is made to withstand heat and weather extremes. Using indoor furniture outdoors will not last nearly as long as its counterparts.

  1. Install a rock walkway.

A rock walkway that leads up to your porch or front door from your driveway is one of those winners you can bet on. And is considered one of the most time-proven ways to increase the value of your home. Additionally, you can add a rock path that meanders through your front garden, or that takes you from one side of your lawn to the other. These touches are visually pleasing and also increase the safety of your front yard.

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What to Consider when Buying a Shower Enclosure

A beautiful shower can make a big difference in a bathroom. It is a good starting point if you want to build your dream bathroom or you’re looking to improve it. Your shower can have all the design elements and luxuries, making your bathroom a haven for relaxation. When designing a bathroom, it is wise to start by choosing the shower enclosure, the catalyst for most remodels. A big trend these days is frameless glass enclosures that offer a spa-like feel. For a better understanding of your choices, here is a brief guide to help you in selecting the right one for your needs.

  1. Space

The space in your bathroom may influence the type of shower enclosure you need. It is possible to fit a shower even if you have a tight space. In this case, you still have different choices such as mirrored glass, over-bath shower and alcove, corner or recess enclosures.

  1. Positioning

Think of where you intend to place the shower enclosure. This determines the shower tray and enclosure door required. For instance, if you want your shower to be in the centre of a wall, you may need a D-shape enclosure. If you’re doing an upgrade and you want to save on costs, you can choose the existing position so less plumbing work is needed.

  1. Type of Glass

Various types of shower doors are available, but to help you choose, you need to remember some key points. Tempered glass is a good option because it is safe, durable and easy to clean. It can last long so it is also a good investment. Another option is toughened safety glass, which is best for shower enclosures and wet rooms. When choosing glass, keep in mind that thicker glass needs extra support. If on a budget, 4mm or 6mm glass is a good choice. The glass thickness may be restricted if you have a very large, or curved, area of glass.

  1. Tray

Shower enclosures may or may not have a tray. Having a tray can be advantageous because it can help prevent leaks. You can buy the enclosure and tray together to get the right size. If you’re installing a recess shower, you have to choose the size carefully.

  1. Hand Fitting

To figure out where you want to position your enclosure, think about whether you need to open it to the right or left and where any potential obstructions are.

A wide range of shower enclosure types is available, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. These include quadrant enclosures, frameless, hinged, sliding, pivot, shower cabins and more. After that, you can choose the type of glass you want and the other elements such as the tiles or shower outlets. It pays to do your homework and research your options, so you can make an informed decision.

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Effective Tips to Improve Home Living

The best home improvement ideas are the ones that don't break the bank and are very useful in day to day life. Home remodeling projects don't have to be a time-consuming, expensive endeavor. Sometimes, simple changes can have the most pronounced effects.

To help you get inspired, we've listed some home improvement tips below. These projects aren't that expensive when compared to large investments like swimming pools and bathroom extensions.

Make a multi-purpose recreation room

Doubling as your event room, this space should be focused on entertainment. Get a bunch of sofas in here and place them in front of a huge flat screen display. If you're willing to invest more, you can get a projector and make a mini-cinema out of the space.

If you have sports tables, move them here. A couple of desks and office chairs for computers and laptops and you're set for any local gaming events if you're into that hobby. Move your wireless router inside the room if you can as well.

Improve your pad's mobile connectivity

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone. If your place is suffering from bad cellular and mobile Internet reception, you might want to invest in a signal booster. A home signal booster kit should be enough to solve your connectivity woes away.

A stronger cellular signal means fewer dropped calls, faster messaging, more reliable and faster mobile Internet through 3G and 4G LTE service. Smartphones get to save on battery life as well while operating within a booster unit's coverage.

Apply a fresh coat of paint to your aging house

Having an aesthetic fit over the dated-looking tables and shelves in your rooms? Spruce them up by painting them with light, modern hues. This is a cheap and easy way to facelift your aging pad. You might as well reconfigure the color schemes of your rooms while you're at it.

It's all about mood when it comes to room colors. Soothing shades are typically chosen for places of relaxation like bedrooms and living rooms. Bright hues are visually stimulating, so they're usually fit for dining and exercise rooms. Just dive into it, get creative, and paint to your heart's desires.

Get in shape with an exercise room

If you're into a healthy lifestyle, you probably exercise regularly. You might as well facilitate that need by building your own mini-gym. Getting to exercise whenever you want is really convenient. You get to save on gym fees as well. This can be an expensive proposition though, so ease into it by gradually buying your exercise implements.

Start with the basics like a bench and free weights. An exercise mat for floor exercises and yoga is another easy addition. You can move in the big-ticket items later on if you're really serious about it.

Wrapping up

Home remodeling doesn't have to be a huge, extravagant deal. The best improvement ideas are the simplest, most practical ones. Consider your needs first before your wants and you'll go along way in improving your home.

There are countless more home remodeling ideas out there on the Internet. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this knowledge while brainstorming for your own unique plans.

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Five Modern Basement Toilet Remodeling Ideas

People carry out home renovations for different reasons. Some may want to add aesthetic value to their home while others may want to redecorate to have a look and a feeling of their choice. Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, roof or basement has the advantage of increasing the value of your home which is profitable in case you opt to resale the property.

Thus, when out looking for remodeling ideas, it is important to go with what is trendy and something that will survive the next decade or so with its value still intact. Some of the basement toilet remodeling ideas include;

Use of mirrors instead of medicine cabinets

There is a general preference for more room even if you live in a small house. To make your basement bathroom look bigger, use more mirrors in the compartment. Remove the old cabinets and dressers and make the bathroom simple yet appealing. Minimize the number of handles, water and temperature control knobs, simple is attractive and also cheap.

Turn it into a spa

Use some masculine wooden frames and cabinets and turn that unused basement toilet into a home spa. Use some neutral colors that have a calming effect and ensure that you have installed a reliable basement toilet pumps so that the room will remain fresh at all time. Plumbing must be done very well to make sure that the room is devoid of moisture at all times.

Light up the room

Lighting options are many, but the most important thing to remember when doing a basement bathroom remodeling is that all the bulbs must be waterproof. Even the tiles used should be waterproof to ensure that all the water drains. You can choose to use ceiling lamps so that they can illuminate the vanity areas through the mirror reflections or use recessed lighting for a better appeal.

Subdivide the bathroom in style to give room for more privacy

When you have guests at your home, some of them end up sleeping in your basement. With a subdivided bathroom and toilet region, the visitors will enjoy some privacy. Even if your basement is small, use mirrors to make the room appear big and consider using vertical towel racks instead of horizontal vanities.

Convert it to a full bath

If your basement toilet is merely a toilet and a sink, consider remodeling it to a full bath that will give the basement occupant the same feeling like the people using upstairs bathrooms. If space is an issue, use a corner shower cabinet and combine it with floating vanities to create more space in the basement. You can also use white tiles on the floor and walls to make the room appear bigger.

Always go for simple but elegant renovation options. You must not buy the most expensive décor or light fixtures for your basement bathroom. You will add value as long as you make the room look and feel comfortable and spacious. Also, remember that the bathroom should also be a private area for you and your guests. With this guide, your basement will turn into a luxurious spa and a safe room to let go of the day’s pressures.

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Simple Improvements to Any Fixer-Upper That Add Immediately Value Finding the perfectly-priced home on the market doesn't happen very often. With the housing market largely recovered, bargain deals are few and far between these days. If you do find something on the market that is modestly priced, then there's a good chance that it will need a bit of TLC.

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Plenty of people buy fixer-uppers, finding potential advantages and benefits in them. Whether you want to quickly flip a house on the market or save a bit of money for your first home, there are many reasons to consider them. Improving the livability and long-term value of a fixer-upper is generally a good idea: we'll let you in on some of the most straightforward improvements you can make to add new value from Day One.

Replace the Floors

In many older homes, floors can become stained, beat up, and even warped in some places. New flooring helps to accentuate a home's livability and can give things a more modern feel. Bad floors in a low-priced home on the market perfectly encapsulate the fixer upper definition; whether it needs new floor joists or merely requires a new layer of carpet, you'll immediately improve the home's appeal by replacing these elements.

Renovate the Kitchen

One of the first areas that professional home-flippers look to improve in any fixer-upper is the kitchen. From new cabinets to floor space maximization, many older homes do not feature an ideal use of space or aesthetic charm in this important room. While some kitchen renovations can be costly, the improvement of value relative to the initial investment makes this one of the best elements of any home to replace when buying a fixer-upper.

Slap Some Paint on It

The allure of a home is often affected by its colors. Both inside and out, older homes tend to show extensive wear and tear. From smoke and stains to cracked and discolored exteriors, there's nothing that turns people off more than a bad first impression. Whether you really want to open up a room by giving it a new coat of white paint or color coordinate various rooms to match the flooring, plenty of affordable possibilities exist. Both exterior and interior paint jobs should be considered for maximum value improvement.

Accents and Carpentry

Last, but not least, consider the effect that small but noticeable improvements can have on the appeal – and therefore, value – of any fixer upper. Ultimately, many fixer upper homes may not be fully built in some respects. This could mean missing molding and/or trim, a lack of doors in some areas, old windows and other simple accents that nevertheless affect the home's appeal. Arguably, these are some of the easiest and cheapest improvements to make, so remodeling the home in this regard will make it a much cozier and valuable place in which to live.

With so many potential remodeling and renovation projects to consider in any home, you can easily become overwhelmed. With a fixer upper, it's important to focus on the elements that a) add the most value and b) that are most valued by you as a resident.

From paint to accents, you now have several ideas for drastically improving your home's value.

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Common Mistakes Renters Make During the Truck Hire Process

When we are moving, it is very easy to get distracted by many things. For example, we are thinking about which house to buy, what school will we enroll our children, and what decorations are we going to put in our new house. And by being too occupied with all these processes, we commonly overlook the importance of hiring the best van or truck for moving. To ensure that it will not happen, TR Group highlights the top five common mistakes renters make during the process of hiring a truck.

  1. They Failed to Research about the Company

If you are not able to research about the company you hired, it may lead you to choose a company with a below standard service or with low-quality vehicles. There is a tendency that you will choose a company that cannot deliver the service you are expecting for a transit service. For instance, you might discover that the truck used in transporting your things breaks down while they are on the move, this can cause a lot of delays as you probably have a strict schedule that you are trying to meet. Before signing a contract, always look closely to the terms and conditions and make sure that all of their vehicles are well maintained.

You can know what company you should hire by simply asking your friends and relatives if they can recommend someone. Ask about their experience with them. Additionally, you can look for competitive companies online and there are usually reviews available there given by their past customers.

  1. They Don’t Acquire Insurance

Vehicular insurance should always be on top of your priority list when you are moving. Failure to acquire one can hold you liable for any damages and problems that may occur during the whole process of moving. Additionally, if you are involved in a large scale moving process, damage may happen at any point and can be anybody’s fault. As the person that have hired the vehicles, you are solely responsible for it.

Additionally, if you are able to get a package where a driver is included, there are also contracts or performance bonds that can help you ensure that whoever you hire will be able to complete what is stated in the contract. Although it may add to the expense, you will have a peace of mind that you will be able to move everything to your new place safely.

  1. They Don’t Assess Additional Costs

Before accepting a company to hire, make sure you are able to read all the terms and conditions included in the package you have availed. You should understand everything in the policy and try to avoid wasting important time when you are moving. For instance, some companies give additional charge if you return the vehicle in their car park after office hours or after the agreed time. You should also take good care of the vehicle you rented because they may cause you some more if there are damages occur on it. To avoid paying additional fees, make sure you align your schedule in a way that it could reduce your rental costs.

  1. They Don’t Look at the Capacity of the Vehicle First

Of course, you want a truck or a van that can accommodate all the things you have. The vehicle must be the right fit for all of your things. A truck that is too big for you will cost you unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, if you will rent a smaller one, you may have to spend two times more because you will have to rent another. You should consult moving experts to discuss all your needs about your moving process and determine the requisite and perfect vehicle for you.

  1. They Leave the Planning Until The Last Minute

Of course, there are many things other than moving like work and family. This can lead you to ignore the planning process until the last minute but failing to plan can cause significant effects on your moving process. For example, if you don’t plan several weeks before you move, you may realize on the day of your move that the vehicle you rented is unavailable. You may also discover that the local company that you plan to rent your vehicles do not operate on the day of your move or they don’t offer moving supplies. Simply take the time in weeks ahead of the day you plan to move. This can help you plan everything. Book your vehicle ahead of time and be proactive in any problems that you think may happen on the day itself. If possible, contact another agency to have a contingency plan in case the one you initially contacted ran problems on your big day.

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The UK's universities - 5 ways they benefit the economy

Back in 1900, university enrolment totalled just 1% of the world’s younger generation. Over the next 100 years or so this had expanded to 20% globally – proof positive of the continuing importance of higher education in any modern society.

Over that time, the UK government has consistently invested heavily in the sector, and we now have one of the highest ranked university systems in the world. We are home to four of the world’s top 10 higher education institutions, and nearly 20% of the top 100.

No surprise, then, that the total UK student population is currently twice what it was in 1992 at 2.3 million - it’s also the world’s second most popular destination for overseas students.

Below, we look at five of the key reasons why the UK government has invested so heavily in the sector and what benefits it brings:

  • Important for the economy

Higher education is worth around £17.5 billion to the UK economy, with our 135 universities employing 410,000 people.

To put that in perspective, they contribute four times more than agriculture to the UK’s GDP, according to Universities UK.

  • Important for global relations

Political and business graduates from all over the world have received their further education here. Many maintain close links with their old universities and the people they studied with. This ‘soft power’ is hugely beneficial to our society, our foreign policy and our economy.

As an example, since 1945 Oxford University alone has been alma mater to 45 future Heads of State from 25 different countries.

  • Important for inward investment

The UK is one of the world’s leading destinations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Our universities help ensure that we have a deep talent pool available nationwide to overseas enterprises.

UK universities are also a globally recognised and respected source of research and are vital to creating the industry hubs and innovation hotspots that investors seek.

  • Important for the national skillset

Universities help to generate economic growth by building ‘human capital’ – a skilled workforce across all disciplines.

This benefits individuals too, with graduates in the UK earning £9,000 per annum more than non-graduates (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills).

  • Important for regional growth

Universities contribute massively to their local economies, with investment programmes rejuvenating urban areas and driving development.

They buy local goods and services, boost employment and encourage growth both by improving the qualifications of students from the area and by stimulating economic development.

And of course, students spend a lot of their money off-campus, which is good for local trade.

They’re important to property investors as well

Such a large student body requires a lot of dedicated accommodation, but after four successive years of record intake, student property is increasingly at a premium.

Buy-to-let residential housing is coming under increasing local and central government pressure, and traditional university halls of residence were never expected to have to cope with such an explosion in student numbers. Even the supply of modern purpose built student accommodation is struggling to keep pace with demand.

And of course, where there’s unsatisfied demand there’s an opportunity.

James Harrington, Business Development Manager at student property specialists Emerging Property comments: “At a national level, only 26% of students have access to what is their accommodation option of choice – and that figure can be a lot lower in some prime regional locations, which is where we focus our development activities.

“As a result, buyers can rely on 100% occupancy levels, NET yields of 8-10% contracted income for 10 years and up to 40% capital growth at resale.”

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A Guide to Summer Home Maintenance and Project

Summer is the perfect time to explore the outside world because of the refreshing warm weather. It is perhaps the best season since you can enjoy and do more things during summer time. And to tell you, summer is also a great time to take advantage of the warm weather to get your house in shape and running smoothly. You don’t want to worry about typhoon, rain, or snow to mess up your new paint job, do you?

So if you are now convinced that summer is the best time to do all these home maintenance and projects, take the time to check the things listed below. Read on, these will surely help you.

  1. Deck Maintenance

If you have just a relatively new deck, you can do simple maintenance like taking away the debris and cleaning your deck. However, if it is an older one, let’s say a 4 to the 5-year-old deck, resurfacing the structure will do better as it could last longer. A sealant must also be applied annually so you can maintain your deck’s fresh look.

  1. Leak Inspection

You really do not want to fix the leakages during the cold winter, so summer is really the time for you to check every hose in your house to make sure there are no signs of wear and tear due to regular use. You can start checking the hoses of your HVAC, toilet, washer, dishwasher, and other appliances. Ideally, hoses should be replaced every three to five years even though you think it is still in good shape because it will really save you from the hassle in the future.

  1. Clean Home Exterior

Cleaning the outside of your home is important, too. And probably the one job that requires a lot of work. Cleaning your exterior can mean fixing the roof, removing stains and moss, cleaning your windows and window screens, power washing the outside flooring, clearing the leaves and bushes from your gutters, and other important things outside.

  1. Exterior Paint Touch-Ups

Obviously, a sunny day is the perfect day to repaint your house either you want to paint a new color or you just want to make the current color like new again. If you opt to do the latter but you already forgot the exact color of your house, you can ask the nearby paint center to help you. Painting your home can be all done by yourself or together with your family – a productive family bonding, indeed.

  1. Air Conditioner Filter Clean-ups

Since it is summer, you don’t want to feel all that heat. And to stay cool, your HVAC has to be working in its optimal condition. If your air conditioning unit is regularly used every day, cleaning or replacing your air filter should be done every after two weeks. But remember before doing these clean-ups, it is best to read the owner’s manual since some HVAC units have a self-cleaning feature already.

  1. Air Conditioner Fan Removal

After the filter, you should also look after your A/C fan. It might be filled with dust already. The first thing you should consider is to call an HVAC expert to check it. But if you opt to this by yourself, the steps are actually pretty simple. First, take off the outer frame, then look right behind the fins of your air conditioning unit where the fan is located. Basic tools are needed to remove the screws of the fan and it is easy to figure out. Clean the fan and replace everything back exactly how you remove it.

  1. Check Furnace Filter

Your A/C is not the only thing that needs to get the dust off it. Your furnace needs your attention too because dust can also accumulate on it. Turn your furnace off and locate the filter which is just somewhere behind the service door. Remove the filter and watch it, but if your filter has a cardboard frame, you should replace it. You can avail heating and cooling service from HVAC experts so that you can avoid further repairs and keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

  1. Washing Machine Maintenance

Your washing machine is one of those appliances that you regularly use, regardless of the weather. A little maintenance can really go a long way. Look for soil build ups and stains on the door and the drum of your washing machine. If there is any, you should clean it ASAP so your clothes will not get stained.

  1. Attic and Basement Inspections

Your attic and basement can be a nest for insects and pest that can eventually infiltrate other parts of your house. You should also check if there are any water leakage and mildew. You can try to look at your attic without lights to see if there are any sun rays that come inside. If there is, water can drip in during the rainy season through that hole.

  1. Clean and Inspect the Patio, Driveway and Walkways

Check your driveways for cracks and weeds. After clearing them, use a pressure washer to wash off your driveways and walkways. Using such will make your job much easier and you can finish this within just a few minutes.

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Local Knowledge Counts for a Lot When Selling a Property The UK economy is on the up again, and that means house prices are on the rise. This may be an opportune time to profit from a property you own. If this is the case then you need to make sure you have all of the pieces of the jigsaw in place.

And by that I mean, even if the house is in great condition and ready to sell, there are other influencing factors that can help you make a sale.

When a prospective buyer is looking for houses for sale in Bootle, they are not just going to be looking at the property solely. They will also be looking at the local amenities, such as schools, travel links and local shopping.

So in order for you to make a quick house sale, make sure you get all the relevant localised information that will assist the sale.

How good are the local schools? And if you don’t know the answer that question then you need to find out. Having a good school in the local vicinity is a massive plus for a family who may be looking to buy a bigger house.

If you can tell them which is the best school closest to you, and why they are so good, then this could go a long way to influencing a decision on whether to buy your house.

The same goes for travel links, even though most people own a car these days some people prefer to commute by train. Just to avoid the traffic.

So if you have good local links for transport, then again you are going a long way to influence a sale if you can provide that local knowledge to potential buyers.

Transport links are a massive factor when selling a house. It can mean the difference between getting a quick sale, or the property sitting on the market for a long time.

Buyers will always take into account the length of time it may take to travel to and from work. If the journey is not appealing, due to the location of your property. Then they may look elsewhere.

Of course the local amenities are going to be a factor. Is there a local retail park? Or a supermarket where the family can shop.

Is there gym nearby? And how good is the local social scene; is there a local hairdresser?

All things to know and provide to potential buyers as you are showing them around your home. If you can sell the neighbourhood as well as present your home, then you are already ahead of game, and having that granular knowledge can really assist the sale.

And then last but not least, having the knowledge of your local estate agents will help you to sell your house fast.

Companies like James Kristian Sales & Lettings take great pride in their localised skill set to help both sellers and buyers achieve their property goals.

James Kristian Property Sales & Lettings

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Can You Get More from the Space in a Room? Can You Get More from the Space in a Room?

Modern homes and apartments are quite small, and this means that living and storage space is at a premium for many home owners.  There are a lot of tricks and techniques that you can try in order to make your home feel more spacious.  If your home is feeling rather cramped, then consider trying the following.

  1. Replacing your dark wooden internal doors. You can use tricks of the light to make your room feel bigger.  For example, you may want to fit light oak or even glass internal doors.  UK homes tend to have several rooms on one floor, and you can produce a nice open-plan feeling if you increase the amount of light in the house.
  2. Build up as well as out. If you're finding it difficult to fit everything in the house, then you could make use of wall mounted storage.  Few people make use of all of the available wall space, and floor-to-ceiling cupboards can be a valuable way to increase the amount of storage real-estate you have.
  3. Light and Mirrors.  Those floor-to-ceiling cupboards may make your room feel rather cramped, but you can make the room feel much bigger by making creative use of light and mirrors.  Consider putting mirrors on your floor-to-ceiling cupboards to give the illusion of the room having more space.  Many restaurants and hotels use this technique. 
  4. Concealed Storage. Consider replacing your old sofa, bed, TV stand or table with one that has concealed storage options.  This allows you to store more stuff in your house, without needing to give up extra space for it.  As an added bonus, you'll be able to enjoy some new and stylish furniture.  Look for furnishings that feature light colours and fairly clean designs/patterns, to keep the room looking lean.
  5. Wall and door hangers: In very small apartments, you may want to hang items over your oak doors.  You can buy hangars for anything from coats and hats through to smaller items such as shoes or toiletries.  These hangars are discrete and flexible, and a good way to keep things organised in a small house.  

It can be difficult to keep a small home clutter free, but it is possible.  If you expect to have to live in a small apartment or home for a long time then you may have to adapt a more Spartan lifestyle.  Consider purchasing a laptop instead of using a desktop PC, reading books and magazines in electronic format, and being more selective about clothes and other items.  Keeping your home clutter-free is a good way to stay stress-free.

If you have a lot of possessions at the moment, then you may want to put some of them into storage.  You can rent storage units quite easily, and they will allow you to keep some of your treasured possessions while you're stuck in a small appointment for a while.  When you move to a bigger house you will be able to take the items back out of storage and enjoy them long term.

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What You Need to Know About Luxury Real Estate Luxury real estate prices are continuously rising in some parts of the world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s a big industry that’s still ripe for the picking for those who are willing to take a leap. Whether you’re thinking of renting luxury villa rentals in St. Barts or premium rental properties in New York, luxury real estate is definitely worth considering as an investment.

It is important, however, that you know what you’re getting into. There are many resources on the Web that discuss luxury real estate in great detail. This might overwhelm you, so we have prepared a brief yet informative list of things that you have to keep in mind before you invest in high end real estate.

Luxury Property

You have to understand what a luxury property is before you start investing in it. In the most basic terms, it’s a property that’s unique, high end, and exclusive in the most positive way. You are likely going to rent this property to businesspeople and wealthy retirees who are making or have made at least six figures or more. There’s an occasional tourist that’s interested in splurging for a weeklong trip they’ve been saving up for, as well.

The exclusivity contributes much to the price tag of a luxury property. If anyone can get what you’re offering from two or more places, the mystique falls apart. If the property can’t benefit from the surrounding landscape, then you have to find innovative ways to make it stand out. You can provide irregular amenities that boost customer experience or feature architecture and design that won’t be seen elsewhere.

Mansions and Villas

If you’ve bought a luxury property in the form of a mansion, turning it to a rental villa can allow you to make more money compared to a one time profit after flipping your property. Having a rental villa in a tourist destination will provide you with a guaranteed income on a season-by-season basis.

You also have the benefit of talking directly to potential customers where you can bounce ideas off of for future additions to the villa. The only downside to this is that you have to compete with services such as Airbnb that outsource their locations.

Luxury Condo

Renting out a luxury condominium is different from renting out a regular condo. Most luxury condo owners add their own perks on top of the services already provided by the condo’s association. This may include cleaning services, high tech appliances, a full service kitchen, and laundry services. Due to the nature of high rise condos, it’s important that you look at the value of the property and try to predict its trajectory 5 years at a time.

A luxury condo in the middle of a busy city might sound like you’ve found gold, but you’re going to have a tough time finding someone to rent it out to if the transportation options are limited.

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Top Tips on Making Your Tiny New Condo in Quebec City Look Bigger There are plenty of options when it comes to affordable real estate listings in Quebec City, but sometimes your budget may force you to get a tiny condo. But there’s no reason to feel cramped and claustrophobic in your new home. With the right decorative touches, you can make even a small pad look roomy.

Here are some tips that are easy to implement:

  1. Hang large mirrors. Mirrors are perhaps the best “secret” when it comes to giving the illusion of space. You can prop it up on a table and it may seem like it’s another window that gives your place a roomier feel. It can also be placed right in front of a window so that it reflects the light to make the room feel brighter and bigger.
  2. Dump the traditional overhead lighting. It’s too common, and it somehow emphasizes the cramped space of a small room. Instead, you should use smaller lamps with mellower lights. They spread the light all around, and their spread out placement draws the eye to move around the place to provide the feeling of bigger space.
  3. Use transparent glass for tables. Furniture, especially large ones, doesn’t just occupy actual space. They also occupy visual space that makes you feel ensconced and suffocated. But you can use glass tops and sides, and the transparency of the glass material frees up the visual space in the room.
  4. Buy striped rugs. You know how stripes on clothes make some people look bigger? These stripes on rugs have the same effect on small rooms. It makes the room seem longer. For best results, you should have the stripes go along the longest length of the room.
  5. Get one large couch. It’s much better than several smaller chairs because the effect of the single couch minimizes the cluttered feel. The reduction of clutter in a room makes it feel bigger.
  6. Get rid of the clutter. Clutter is never a good thing. It makes spaces feel cramped and tight, because it gives the impression that you can’t move freely. So get rid of clutter, and you’ll find that the neat result makes you breathe easier and feel lighter and freer.
  7. Go for bigger but fewer decorative items. This is related to clutter, and it’s connected to the single couch suggestion mentioned earlier. For small spaces, you want large picture frames on walls and huge vases on tables. Just get a few pieces instead of many small ones.
  8. Paint the ceiling white. The paint on your walls can have color – make sure to use lighter shades, however the paint on the ceiling must be white. This will make the ceiling seem higher and the space more open.

You can live in a small pad without having to feel cramped. When you look over real estate listings, you don’t have to discount small homes and condos. There are always ways to make a space appear bigger than it really is.

Guide Editor Mon, 10 Apr 2017 05:28:04 -0400
Top Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Agent Most of us aren’t experts on the real estate market. And that’s completely fine! Real estate is a very complex and intricate industry that’s best left to those who know it the most. That’s why, if you are considering buying or selling properties, you should look into hiring a high-quality real estate agent to be on your side. These agents are going to get you the most out of this experience and save you the frustrations that would come with doing this alone.

Their education and experience are a life-saver.

When you think about selling or buying a piece of real estate, that’s a pretty big deal, right? These transactions number in the tens of thousands of dollars, so you should really want someone on your side who has the education and experience to make this happen for you. That’s one of the top reasons why hiring a real estate agent is going to be your best option. There’s no reason for you to try to spend the time and money on real estate education for yourself!

Agents act as buffers.

One of the top reasons why people will hire a real estate agent is that he or she is going to act as a buffer of sorts. If you’re looking to buy new property, an agent will act as a barrier between you and the other agents out there. If you’re selling your property, he or she is going to filter down to the very best offers, so you don’t have to deal with subpar buyers. Doesn’t that sound a lot easier than going in on your own and handling all those calls?

They have knowledge of your local neighborhood.

Real estate agents who have a good amount of experience in your local neighborhood know exactly what the buzz is around the community. He or she is going to be able to show you various comparable price points and where to find important statistics on school information, crime rates, and demographics. For example, if you live in Boston, your real estate agent is going to know what prices are for apartments at The Conrad and what others are going for. They also know things like what the crime rate looks like around this area. The school zones, shopping areas, etc. If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t even know where to begin with all of this.

They understand the present market conditions.

This last point is a bit more broad than just your local neighborhood or just one property, like The market conditions of the real estate industry are extremely complex and changing all of the time. Your real estate agent will give you that information, which will in turn help you both come to a decision regarding buying or selling price. For example, he or she will have access to data like average sales prices and the average days on the market that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

All of these are the best reasons why you should get a real estate agent on your team. It’s going to save you time, money, and all that potential stress in the long-run once you’ve bought or sold that property.

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How to Find the Right Agent for Your Real Estate Needs?

Image Credit: Pixabay 

The real estate market can be a tricky thing. You have a property that needs sold and want to be sure you get the best price. You aren't sure how the market is at the moment, and you have no idea where to start to find out the answers you need to discover potential sales prices. Your home needs some work, and you need someone to tell you the best way to approach all of this.

When you are the one saying, “How do I sell my house in Dallas?” the answer is simple. Find the right agent. Now, the next question involves how to do that to increase your odds of success in getting the sale you want. Below are five tips on finding the ideal agent to sell your property for you.

Research Their License

Real Estate Agents are licensed through the state. They also can be disciplined through the same board or regulatory group. You can find out if the agent you are considering hiring has been disciplined and the reason for that. The information may make you change your mind.

It is also important to find out if the agent has specialties in the real estate market. A real estate agent that focuses on commercial properties might not be the best choice for your home. Meanwhile, agents who have completed the following certifications might be more appealing to you than ones who have not: an ABR, or Accredited Buyers Representative certification means the agent is trained to help buyers in transactions, a CRS or Certified Residential Specialist is trained for handling residential real estate and an SRES or Senior Real Estate Specialist has trained for purchases and sales for individuals over the age of 50.

Find Out How Long They Have Been in the Business

In any business, someone with more experience is desirable over someone new to the business. In real estate, however, that can be balanced out if you are considering an agent that does not continue to keep updated on new regulations and laws related to real estate. A new agent will know all of the current legal details and be prepared to sell your home with no conflicts. Consider the two sides of this decision carefully before you choose your agent.

Talk to Other Homeowners Nearby with Houses for Sale

The homes in your area might be handled by a specific agent. However, if these homes have been on the market for an extended period of time, you might opt to go with a different real estate agent. The other home owners in the area may be following suit very soon if that is the case.

Discuss Real Estate with Recent Home Buyers

If you know people who have purchased a home in the area lately, ask them who they worked with to buy the home and what they liked about that agent. If they have high praise for the agent, you may want to get in touch with him or her to see if they will handle your property sale.

Look at Current Listings

A viewing of the current listings on the real estate market can give you an idea of the agents in the area that work hard and are popular to call for sale assistance. It can also give you an idea of an agent to avoid if they have few properties they are handling or those properties have been on the market for a long time and the price keeps dropping with no sale made.

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7 Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2017

Image Credit: Pixabay

When you are someone that is looking to buy a home or get into the real estate market in some other way, you will find that there are a lot of things that you need to do to make the whole thing work. At, they want to help you keep up with the real estate trends that are out there so that you know what decisions that you need to make. Here are 7 trends to watch in 2017.

  1. Variety is the spice of life. There are a lot more choices in the world of real estate. Whether someone wants to build a home or buy one straight out, they can find that there are a lot of properties for sale and ready for people to snatch them up.
  2. Mortgages may be easier to get. Lending rules are getting a lot more lax as time goes on, mainly because people are getting their debt under control and can afford to get a little more for the things that they are trying to do. So, it may be a lot easier for people to get their hands on the mortgages that they need to buy a home.
  3. Watch for Rising Rates. The Fed has not been raising the mortgage interest rates in recent years due to the recession in 2007-2008. That being said, since it’s been over a decade since their last hike, it’s likely time for that to happen. Fortune believes that it shouldn’t be more than 4.3 if you have a 30 year mortgage.
  4. The home building and business building markets may come back to life. For a long time, people were not building homes or businesses because they felt it was more affordable to just buy something that had already been built and renovate it. Now that people have more stability and more disposable income, it’s likely that there are a lot more people who are ready to take the plunge and get their home built.
  5. Drones as a regular part of home selling. We all know that the internet is a big part of selling homes and other property, but Market Watch believes that drones are going to be used to make videos and to give people a “bird’s eye” view of the properties that they are considering.
  6. Millennials May Finally Buy Homes. This is the boom that real estate has been waiting for. Until now, millennials could not get mortgages and they couldn’t afford to buy homes. But, as more of them get their footing, it’s becoming a lot more likely that they are going to be able to buy homes.
  7. Small and medium cities may have more options. People aren’t as likely to live in big cities like New York and San Francisco, mainly because of the high cost of living. So, many more people are moving to small and medium cities throughout the country, which allows them to have more options when it comes to housing those who may want to live there.
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Interior design advice for first-time homeowners Buying your first home can be incredibly exciting, but there are many aspects that can be nerve-wracking as well. And while all homeowners have a natural need to customize their living space it may seem like a daunting challenge to outfit an entire household, particularly if you've never done it before. Here's a list of amazing interior design ideas and tips for first-time homeowners.

It's important to pick a color scheme as well as an overall style theme for your home before you begin to pick out furnishings. Because if you're going to choose to make your house in a Shabby Chic style, the furniture you choose will be fundamentally different from the furniture you would choose if you're going to outfit your home in a more modern style.

Often when you spend more money now, you save money later. Because of making such a large purchase you may be tempted to outfit your home in budget furniture and accents. However, when you choose quality furnishings, they last a lot longer which means it's may be many years before you have to repair or replace your furniture and accent pieces.

Make sure the styles you choose reflects your own personal style and is functional for the lifestyle you lead. For example, if you love the ocean feel free to embrace a nautical style for your home. And if you have a job that is rather high stress, it's best to create a home environment that is as clutter-free and organized as possible.

Make sure the furnishings and accent pieces you choose are versatile. Just because you want to hold on to the same furnishings and accents for a long time doesn't mean you want your home to look the same for years. By buying pieces that are easily rearranged to create a whole new look you ensure that you will be satisfied with your furnishings for years to come.

By following these simple yet customizable interior design ideas, you can truly make your house feel like a home. In for the latest in furniture and accent pieces be sure to visit

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Protecting Your Valuables From Moisture In Storage Areas Storage areas are often overlooked. When you want to buy real estate, it is possible to end up with huge problems as some moisture problems in storage regions are going to lead to structural damage in the future. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to deal with moisture or identify it. You can use the following tips in order to help you in all situations where moisture could be a problem, ranging from the Westminster storage units to a real estate property you want to buy and has to be analyzed.

Analyze Average Humidity Levels

When you talk about an indoor storage area, it is really important to consistently monitor the humidity levels. Generally speaking, under 50% is what is always recommended. This stops the growth of mildew, mold, wood rut and other problems you may be faced with. Humidity gauges are available and can be bought online or from hardware stores. Monitoring RH is something that helps since it instantly shows if you have a potential moisture problem or not.

Always Look Out For Leaks

Storage areas are not often accessed. In many cases you end up not visiting such an area for months. Because of this, any leak can end up turning into a disaster. Generally speaking, you should visit once per week in order to see if there are signs that a leak is present. A more thorough inspection can be done once per month. Just look at wall or ceiling cracks while investigating obvious signs of leaks. Cracks are particularly damaging as they would end up widening as time passes.

Protecting Stored Items

No matter how great the storage area is, you never know when something bad happens. Because of this, it is a really good idea to always protect all that you store from potential moisture damage. This means you need to learn how to cover and pack everything you store. There are various different articles that highlight all you need to know about the topic. Generally speaking, you need to be specifically careful with clothes, furs, furniture and electronics. These are the ones that are often damaged by moisture.


Charcoal is a great option when you want to be sure you minimize moisture problems. It is useful since it absorbs moisture while eliminating the musty odors. You can easily put some charcoal briquettes inside small pouches, a bucket or on metal trays. You should cover the entire area by using charcoal in as many corners and areas as possible. The only problem is that you should never but charcoal against something that you would never want to have stained. It is difficult to remove charcoal.


It is not that difficult to deal with moisture if you know what should be done. You surely learned many useful things thanks to the paragraphs written above. Have patience and do be sure that you always focus on inspection and knowing the state of what you store. In most cases serious moisture related problems could have been avoided through an inspection.

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